Daisy Sample Sale

Welcome to our Daisy Sample Sale! Here's a simple guide to help you understand how our sample sale works:
Our sample sales are all about clearing out old stock, which may include unreleased items or discontinued colours. Please do note that these samples have imperfections!
1. Pricing:
All products in the sample sale are priced at R80, instead of the usual retail price of R120.
2. Imperfections:
Please note that items in the sample sale may have minor imperfections:
Colour Variations: You might notice slight differences in colours.
Small Air Bubbles: Some daisies may have tiny air bubbles.
Thickness: A few daisies may not be as thick as our regular products.
3. Shipping:
Shipping rates and methods remain the same as for regular purchases.
4. No Refunds or Exchanges:
Due to the discounted nature of these items, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Please make your selections carefully.
We hope you find something special!